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Private Coaching with Kimberly

Welcome to the Flourish community!

We’re tackling the big questions over here at Flourish and we’re so thrilled you’re tuning in.

We're here to give you the resources you'll need to reevaluate, find the best direction, learn accountability and flourish.  We offer a one-on-one mentoring course that takes you through The Flourish Method, curated to tailor fit your unique needs, lifestyle and goals. Flourish private coaching offers an opportunity to work with Kimberly to apply these concepts to your specific challenges.  The offer includes ten hours of one-on-one private coaching. Here is what you will walk away with:

Week One: Perspective

A shift of perspective on how you view the hardships in you life. You will believe that you can use your hardships for good.

Week Two: Agency

A belief in your ability to weather the current and future storms and perhaps even use them to bounce forward and grow.

Week Three: Imagination

The ability to build strategy through adversity by learning the proven tools to imagine the world you want, then bring into reality. 

Week Four: Mindset

The ability to distance yourself from your thoughts, see them clearly, then choose the ones that serve you.

Week Five: Systems

Knowing how to set up systems to achieve your goals.  You will be shown the power of routines and how to implement them, as well as other habit hacks. 

Week Six: Equilibrium

An understanding of how our nutrition, sleep and breathing habits affect our cognitive health, productivity, and overall well-being. 

Week Seven: Connection

The ability to identify healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns so you can choose to let the good in and the bad out.

Week Eight: Livelihood

A step towards financial literacy. You will be given an outline of how to set up a personal financial framework to build towards wealth and stability.

Welcome to the work, we can’t wait to dive in.